It takes effort, but the rewards are REAL learning! You'll build up your ability in maths with a deep personal understanding; improving your experience of class using one of the best value programs of its kind available.

Wherever you start from and wherever you're going, our mission is to be your guide to getting the results that you deserve.

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Why I created Steps To Maths

Steps to Maths is broken into two major ideas

The fulfillment of mastery

Mastery just means being really good at anything.
The purpose of Steps To Maths is to help develop mastery. To become strong in Maths (and Science) so that you can enjoy it and become even better, and the reward of being great at something you love is fulfillment. Mastery is really devalued in modern society for various reasons but it brings fulfillment. There's a joy to being absorbed in the work that you do. This is more obvious in sport and music, but it is also true of other areas.
The Steps To Maths Courses ( Click here ) give you daily guided instruction focused on bringing you from the beginning of secondary school to mastery of the subject.
To understand more about mastery I recommend that you read the book. "Talent is Overrated - By Geoff Colville" (Click here ) and the section on deliberate practice.

Getting the results that you deserve!

Steps to Maths is about getting the results that you deserve for all the hard work that you put in. (Even if you are not looking for Mastery but want help to improve your skills in Maths class)
We already know that in our lives:
  1. It is the efforts that we personally make that help us to grow.
  2. Watching videos and reading notes does help us to understand, but to LEARN and grow we need to implement what we have learnt and revise.
  3. If you want success, YOU have to do the work and there's a difference between curriculum progresss and YOUR progress.
When you DO put in the hard work however, you will be happy to know that:
  1. There are some strategies that work much better than others.
  2. There are techniques for memorising that are much much more effective
  3. There are techniques for learning that are much more effective

Steps To Maths is about respecting the efforts that you make by being a guide that makes the most of your precious time, so that you get the results that you deserve for all the hard work that you put in.

We do this in three ways. Not only do we provide top quality teaching videos that guide you through a course, we also provide you with automatically corrected questions that allow you to learn without losing your way - To FULLY understand. In addition Steps to Maths provides automatically scheduled revision to make sure that you do not forget all the knowledge you have worked so hard for.

I want you to succeed and I want to provide you with the best tools you can use to get the best results and both achieve and enjoy success.