If you are a teacher of Maths, Applied Maths or Science you can freely access the books on this site as well as the worksheets. Just login to your account (you can create a free account from the home page) and enter The Library


If you would like to contribute a set of questions or written or video content I would love to hear from you. This content will be freely available to all other teachers to the benefit of the community and will help make excellent content and worksheets freely available to all.

Convenient Resources?

As a teacher you can also freely create books and compile any existing content into that book for your convenience. You can create books of puzzles or just Algebra or books just for 1st Years or just on Data or Probability; whatever you like.

I know that you'll find this a useful resource for your explanations, class warm ups and preparation of content.

More information on creating content will be added soon.