Starting Secondary School?

If your child is starting secondary school this September 2018 Steps to Maths is running a course which will provide your child with day by day guidance and tuition from the beginning right through to the Junior Cert.

Information for Parents

Steps To Maths combines fundamentals of traditional teaching with modern research and maintains a complete focus on how people learn.
High quality instruction is only the beginning which is why Steps 2 Maths don't charge for our book and video content.
We only learn by making the effort to learn and to do this :

  • we need guidance and motivation
    • Steps To Maths provides guidance and motivation by putting goals front and centre in the learning process.
  • we need high quality instruction
    • We provide high quality instruction in a comprehensive framework, meaning that the jigsaw puzzle pieces of understanding can be put together into a complete picture, giving long term understanding applicable to further education and careers.
  • we need to train and we need to revise.
    • As a tutor I consistently see students who despite their abilities and their understanding haven't trained or revised.
    • Steps To Maths provides training and revision to our students, rewarding their efforts with the results that they deserve and are capable of achieving.

Information for Students

If you are looking for help with a particular topic you can view all of the content here for FREE: Pick the book that you want to work on from the Subject Library (you may need to login).