It takes effort, but the rewards are REAL learning! You'll build up your ability in maths with a deep personal understanding; improving your experience of class using one of the best value programs of its kind available.

picture of Aristotle quote We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence then is not an act but a habit

It's an inde­pendent method of learning that supports you by letting you identify the areas you want to work on and to do so within your own time frame.

picture of brain priming for learning

Steps to Maths provides scaff­olded questions that you can try out before learning about a topic. This primes your brain for new learning and creates "Hooks" for inte­grating new knowledge.

Feedback (Guidance and Support) stepping stones across a lake

Steps to Maths provides immediate personal feedback. This provides your son or daughter with continual guidance and support

... and a little support can get you through.

Scheduling (More Guidance and Support)
head on fire being activated to move learning to long term memory

Steps to Maths carefully arranges scheduling to make sure that your child revises at the optimal time.

... this means that what you've already learnt gets re­activated sending out signals, and moved to long term memory. So now your learning can really accelerate.