It takes effort, but the rewards are REAL learning! You'll build up your ability in maths with a deep personal understanding; improving your experience of class using one of the best value programs of its kind available.

Wherever you start from and wherever you're going, our mission is to be your guide to getting the results that you deserve.

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Why I created Steps To Maths

It's about getting the results that you deserve!

There are three important features in the average school based maths teaching which prevent you getting the results you deserve.
  1. Maths courses often fail to acknowledge how goal focused people are and how much we like to be able to measure our progress.
  2. There is often far too much focus on teaching and not enough on learning (Overly enthusiastic teachers)
  3. Revision is often seriously neglected. (Again is a focus on teaching versus learning)
  4. This is not a slight on schools, it's just recognising that if YOU want success, YOU have to do the work.
    There's a difference between curriculum progresss and YOUR progress.

As a tutor I continually see students who haven't FULLY understood the material they were working on in school. Who try to answer questions and end up more confused or worse reinforcing the wrong idea. Finally what I see time and time again are students who have no recollection of material that they spent so much time and effort learning just a few months before.

Steps To Maths will help you with this. Not only do we provide top quality teaching videos that guide you through a course, we also provide you with automatically corrected questions that allow you to learn without losing your way - To FULLY understand. In addition Steps to Maths provides automatically scheduled revision to make sure that you do not forget all the knowledge you have worked so hard for.

I want you to succeed and I want to provide you with the best tools you can use to get the best results. The results you deserve for the hard work that you have put in.